October 2003

Poodle Health Registry Formation Announcement

Poodle Health Registry wishes to announce its recent incorporation as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. The nonprofit Poodle Health Registry is in the process of being organized to serve as a permanent international open registry for all diseases affecting poodles, living and dead, of all varieties everywhere in the world. In order to register a dog with Poodle Health Registry, the diagnosis must be documented by a veterinarian. It is expected that the documented information will be useful in assisting both puppy buyers and breeders to make more informed decisions about the breeding and/or acquisition of a particular Poodle.

A healthy Poodle should be a highly intelligent, athletic, and good tempered companion, who excels at any activity it attempts, whether conformation, agility, obedience, field trials, tracking, work as a service dog, or just being a companion of exceedingly good temperament. As with any breed, there are health problems seen in Poodles of each variety. Some of the diseases seen in Poodles are genetic in origin, some may have a genetic predisposition but may also be influenced by environmental factors, and for others the cause is currently unknown. The Poodle Health Registry will comprise a registry of Poodles who have been diagnosed with these particular problems.

The intention of the Registry is to be able to provide these services at no charge to the registrant or to anyone accessing the database. The Poodle Health Registry will depend on donations and on fund raisers to pay the overhead and incidental expenses necessary to the operation of such an organization.

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