Registered Standard Poodles with Addison's Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism)

mode of inheritance: uncertain

Addison's disease (Hypoadrenocorticism)

Addison's Disease is a disease of the adrenal glands, usually caused by the immune mediated destruction of the adrenal glands. It affects dogs of all breeds and mixed breeds. Unfortunately, there is a very high incidence of this disease in Standard Poodles, although Miniature and Toy Poodles can also be affected.

As of January 2008, it has been announced that researchers have found that Addison’s in Standard Poodles is most probably polygenic, involving the combinations of several genes. It is not, as was thought earlier, a simple recessive. Until more information is known, the mode of inheritance remains uncertain. In a related study on Portugese Water Dogs, researchers have found a number of genes, some of which work to cause Addison’s and some of which work to suppress the destruction of the adrenal glands. Work is underway with tissue samples and DNA to see if the same genetic process and location is the same for Standard Poodles. To read the entire write-up click here!

There is no line or color of Standard Poodles that is not affected by Addison's and no dogs that can be certified as "clear" of the disease. Breeders who test for Addison's are only confirming that their dogs do not have the disease at the time of the testing. Addison's can strike at any age, so testing for Addison's does not guarantee that the dog will not develop Addison's later in life, nor does it guarantee that any puppies will not develop Addison's. That is why it is so important for breeders to know in great detail about the health of the dogs in the pedigrees of those they intend to breed to ensure low risk breedings and also to avoid perpetuating this genetic disease..

Addison's Disease affects males and females equally in Standard Poodles, and is frequently diagnosed in dogs less than a year old. This is important for Poodle owners to remember. Many vets fail to consider it for males or puppies, since the literature suggests that 75% of all affected dogs are middle aged females.

Untreated Addison's is a true medical emergency since death can come swiftly. However, with a timely diagnosis and lifelong medication coupled with careful management of stress, an Addisonian can lead a good life with normal life expectancy.

Symptoms of Addison's frequently begin with vague gastrointestinal problems. The most common symptoms of Addison's are a loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, depression and lethargy. Other common signs include a painful abdomen, excessive thirst and/or urination, shaking, low body temperature, signs of dehydration or shock. Most dogs don't exhibit all these symptoms and another hallmark of Addison's is that in the early days the symptoms can come and go.

The only definitive test for Addison's is the ACTH stimulation test. Sometimes a regular blood chemistry will show the characteristic low serum sodium and high serum potassium associated with Primary Addison's. However, this imbalance is not always present in the early days and will not be present at all in the case of Atypical Addison's, where only part of the adrenal glands fail.

Because Addison's Disease is known as the Great Imitator, with vague and nonspecific symptoms, getting a diagnosis can be elusive and expensive. Abnormalities in the bloodwork of an affected dog will frequently lead to a misdiagnosis of kidney failure. Many other dogs undergo barium x-rays or exploratory surgery looking for an impaction or foreign object in the digestive tract. Dogs may present with heart abnormalities or symptoms suggestive of cancer. Once treatment is started, most of these other vague symptoms usually disappear and the bloodwork will return to normal.

Whenever faced with one or more recurring symptoms mentioned above, it is wise to ask for an ACTH stimulation test before going for more expensive and invasive procedures. This is a relatively inexpensive test performed in a veterinarian's office.

Registered Standard Poodles:

Siida's Black Bigga ( Bar-None On The Prowl to Avatar x Siida's Black Magnifience )

Anutta Go Out-N-Come Back ( Sisco's I Like It Like That x Moonstones Anutta Lucky Charm )

'Liberty' ( Rainey's Glory Boy x Casperson's Good Golly Miss Molly )

HMS Whitefields Sgt Ripogenus ( Crabapple Downs' Sisco Andrew x Crabapple Downs' I Love Lucy )

Rebelstar Summer Sweet Boy ( Marquis Anutta Sweet Success x Summershade's Kelly )

Alyosha (Not registered) ( Stardust Orange Julius x Mayfields Marmalade )

Gabriela's Merry Poppins ( Filagree Flashback x Fru Hanna Gabriella Sun )

Shiloh (unregistered) (Saxony Elvis Mithril x Terrifick Mithril Calamata)

Dorvalle Dance And Sing (Dorvalle Amazing Grace x Titian Maple Tart For Dorvalle)

Sligo's Rocky Irish Molly-O (Helen's Rocky Balboa x Helen's Blackberry Of Leeron)

Keja Amelie (Keja Edition Extraordinaire x Keja Lamerle Edition Spun Silk)

King Diamond (Jaset Justification x Admiration Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)

Sir Gorky (Leatherstocking's Brown Derby x Baroness Of Leatherstocking)

Tango Gentlemen Prefer Blonds (Isis Renaissance Headline News (JJ591155) x Signet High Society (KJ668415))

Stelletello's Mia (Oak Hills Parti Checkers x Oak Hill's Shuga Pie Honey)

General Smolenski (Sonne's Shining Star Shiloh x Sonne's Southern Belle Savannah)

Ista's Bright Idea (Blacktie Myles To Go x Refinne Wild Idea At Ista)

Elegant Commander-In-Chief (Highland's Red Royal Regal x Elegant Miss Jana)

Magicstar Mystic Thunderbird (Ascot Thunderball x Magicstar Lavender And Lace)

Loulou Poodle 'Sophie' (not registered) (Loulou Poodle Tobby x Loulou Poodle Fanny)

U-AGII Beeba's Dancing Cosette CD OA NAJ (Ch. Beeba's Bo Diddley x Ch. Beeba's Shimy Shimy KoKo Bop)

ApricotGold Autumn Spice (Wudo-Master Le Papillon x Farleys D Legacy of Dreams)

Blue Skies Espree (Ch Aleph Blue Skies Outrageous x Ch Espree Teller No Lies)

Ch Blue Skies Espree Belle Jolie (Ch Aleph Blue Skies Outrageous x Ch Espree Teller No Lies)

Lemerle Free To Fly (Ch Kertellas Blatant Lie at Lemerle x Lemerle New Year's Eve)

Paradigm Lache MX, MXJ, TD EAC, EGC, EJC ( Ch Whisperwind Brass Band x Ch Whisperwind Dreamcatcer)

Max ( Ch Vogue Jet Setter Jouet x Cara Vae Lady Jazmine)

Guelphline's Violetta (Beau Racoon's Mephistopheles x Tudorose Aquitaine Eleanor)

Buddy Boy Our Best Buddy (Ch Tellers Key Investment x Ch Blue Skies What A Surprise)

Blue Skies Theodore (Ch Eaton Affirmed x Ch Gorgis On The Road Again CD)

Kayekids Fifth Avenue Flirt (Flying Dutchman Royale Flush x Kayekids Vanilla BonBon)

Guinness IV (Fantasias Sam x Irish Lancer's Holly Berry)

Martha (Not Registered) (Crabapple Downs' Texas Tyler x Crabapple Downs' Love Lolita)

The Chases Cocky Rockadoo (Crabapple Downs' Silas x Crabapple Downs' Katherine)

Kelly's Apollo (Ch Ravendune Versace x Ch Targa Full Of Grace)

Arbirlot's Just Call Me Joyful (Ch Aftermath It's About Time x Can Ch Sandhill's Dream of Abegweit)

K-Lar's Chocolate Latte (Happy Acres Diamond Coco x Landmark Country Flame)

Sachas Cara Vae Cover Girl (Ch Barbican Me And My Shadow x Ch Cara Vae Queen Of The Desert)

Kayekids Storybook Princess (Can Ch Isis Bound For Glory x Kayekids Star Is Born)

Tudorose Seiko (Can Ch Wycliffe Grenadier of Tudorose x Can Ch Tudorose Spanish Alliance CD WC)

Calvin Ch DeNevillette (Wiilie Wonka x Princess Daisy Edwards)

Donnchada Stormy Weather II (Ch Pinetrees' Trail Blazer x Donnchada Kristina)

Treberts Time To Heel (Ch Unique Crown Prince Of Owyee x Langlee Unique Enticing UDX OA OAJ)

Sandhill's Dream Quest (Can Ch Terradale Walking On Air x Can Ch Tudorose Sandhills Fiesta CD)

Bowpepe's Teddy Bear (Ele's-CNO-Bowpepe x Eleanor's Teddie Bear Girl)

Valentine's Yukon King (CH Farleys D I Am Marcello x Valentine's Ruby 'N The Rough CD RN JH OA NAJ)

Crabapple Downs' Rufus (Shangri-La Firestorm x Peaches Cream von Shangri-La)

Valentine's Jessy That'L Do (CH Farleys D I Am Marcello x Valentine's Ruby 'N The Rough CD RN JH OA NAJ)

Stoney Brook D. (Dassin Dancelot x Meledee Delilah)

La Marka's Chocolate Brownie Top Xian (Falkirk This Gun's For Hire x La Marka Pasar La Vida Feliz)

Absolute Onyx (Wycliffe Quantum Leap x Graphic Luna)

Lady Victoria of Marsan (Kallista's Khrome Royal x Lady Chelsea of Whitbeck)

LCM Ginger (Farleys D I Am Marcello x LCM Rambos Ms Margho In Red)

Kalamer Criscione (Applehill Lightning Strikes x Applehill Swiss Miss Glory)

Sandhill Fancy's Legacy (Dorian's Ready Willing & Able x Tudorose Fancy)

Skyline Stormking of Jovan (Jovan Michael Jackson x Jovan Roxanne Yvette)

Lemerle Silk Tobar (Lemerle Silk Comedian of Keja x Lemerle Indian Silk)

Katiedids Wild Irish Rose (Hanovia Chorus Line Lazer x Woodland Estates' Royal Miss)

Porter (Crabapple Downs' Gideon-Too x Crabapple Downs' Rebecca)

Bailey Boy of Minter Creek (Penhurst Whispers On The Rise x Lizette Flamenco)

Anutta 'Sadie' (Classic Been There Done That x Anutta New Years Resolution)

Napoli Oneacmepoodlekit (Whirlwinds Milo Minderbinder x Napoli Kit Morgan)

Manon (M A N O N) (Parade Marshall of Katelyn x Parade Bound And Determined)

Cosmic Lucianna (Lemerle Silk Comedian of Keja x Cosmic Kabiri)

Alemir's Miracle Drug (Platinums' Arough Rider x In Orbit's Cinderella)

Burns Bianca Pinjarra (Angel's Greenwyn On Safari x Baily's Babe)

Tudorose Cooper Allen Chestler (Bittersweet Song of Okarina x Tudorose Kat Of Braganza)

Wildgayle Irishilelagh Amberly (Ele Gal Austin Of Highgrove x Wildgayle Bewitching Breeze)

Cosmic Lucky Me (Lemerle Silk Comedian Of Keja x Cosmic Kabiri)

Indigo (unregistered) (Mataje's Houston Proud x Sun King Dharma Of Mataje)

Parrishill Ladywell Quintessence (Parrishill Lord Of The Dance x Ladywell Parrish Hill Antje)

Bunkers Best Boy Beaumont (Bunkers Ice-Ing On The Cake x Bunkers Best Carbon Copy)

Bunkers Ultimate Attraction (Bunkers Ice-Ing On The Cake x Bunkers Moonlight Serenade)

Links for Additional Information on Addison's Disease;

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Many other good sites can be found at or or These sites offer support groups for those with affected dogs including advice on ways to deal with the high cost of the drugs used to treat Addison's.

Owners of dogs affected with Addison's Disease are urged to post their pedigrees at


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